The pharmacy portion of the business itself is a full service, professional pharmacy offering individual counseling, interpretive services, and delivery service. The pharmacists on staff take pride in knowing most of their individual patients by name and giving them the personal care and counseling that is needed. We like to think of you as a friend as well as a patient. 


Local delivery is available—weekdays only:
Los Osos ($2) or Morro Bay ($3)


*We offer blood pressure consultation free of charge at anytime when the store is open.


"Why should I have my prescription filled at Los Osos Rexall when my insurance company is urging me to go elsewhere?”


We feel there are many good reasons to have your prescriptions filled at Los Osos Rexall—even if your insurance company is urging you to go to a large chain or to use mail order.

Now more than ever insurance companies are luring patients to mail order facilities in order to get cheaper copays. However, many of our patients have found they would rather pay a slightly higher copay and get the better service that we can provide on a personal level. When you use mail order facility you are merely a number to them, not a friend or patient.

Our pharmacy offers individual counseling and will listen anytime to your medication concerns. We work with your doctor as part of YOUR medical team. When you mail off for your prescriptions, you get to call 1-800 number with multiple options and the rare occasion to talk to a real person. We know your name, and care deeply about your health. We are often available after hours when you need advice or forgot to pick up your medication.

Our prices are competitive and sometimes lower. If we feel you could get the same medication elsewhere for a better price we would let you know. Your financial well-being is also part of your health! Just because you use a chain or a “big box” store, you aren’t necessarily getting the best deal. One woman was paying over $120 for something at an unnamed pharmacy here in town, and was thrilled to find it for less than $20 at Los Osos Rexall.

Once you mail off for a prescription, we are shut out. If your medication is lost, or you are going on a trip and need a few extra pills, there is no way we can help you, if you are not a Los Osos Rexall patient.

For over 35 years, Los Osos Rexall has been a big supporter of local organizations, such as the Los Osos Chamber of Commerce, the South Bay Community Center, the People Helping People non-profit organization, and the Los Osos Library. We donate up to $20,000 every year into YOUR community to show our support. We have won 2 nationwide awards acknowledging our philosophy of community service. Before supporting another pharmacy ask yourself: How much do other pharmacies give back to your community?